The public transportation in Sofia is available from 05.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m, all year round. The price of a ticket is BGN 1.00 (around EUR 0.50). Alternatively, you can buy a combined ticked for ten trips that costs BGN 8 (around EUR 4); please notice that this combined ticked may be used by only one person and you are expected to keep the last part of it with yourself. If you are carrying luggage larger than 60×60x40 cm, you are expected to buy a separate ticket for it. The ticket for a piece of luggage is the same as the ticked for one travel of a person. Use a perforator device inside the vehicle to mark your ticket(s).

For more information go to the web site of Sofia Public Transport Company.

Transportation from the airport

The following is information how to reach your hotel, or the central building of Sofia University, also known as the Rectorate.

By bus

There are two passenger terminals at Sofia Airport. The regular No 84 bus line covers the route Terminal 1 – Sofia University and the regular No 284 bus line covers the route Terminal 2 – Sofia University. Please, remember to buy a ticket for your luggage as well.

By taxi

If you wish to order a taxi, you can turn to the office of OK Supertrans, located in the public zone of the Arrival Hall. The Company is at your service to transport you and your luggage to the desired destination. The average price of a trip from Sofia Airport to the city centre is BGN 12 (EUR 6). You can direct your complaints or opinion to the following telephone number: + 359 2 973 37 70. Ordering your taxi cab through the office of “OK Supertrans” will provide a safe trip for you. Alternatively, to order a taxi you can dial + 359 2 973 2121.

Taxi franchisers have desks in the arrival lounge of the airport (please, see the picture on this web page). After clearing passport control and customs, approach a desk and order a taxi. You will be pointed to the taxi which will pick you up right in front of the lounge doors not far on the right of the desks.

To avoid taxis who charge extortionist prices, consult the fare on a sticker at the rear end of the hind door window of the taxi before entering it. It should be less than 1 lev per kilometer. Tell the driver to take you to the Rectorate or the name of your hotel, if you want to go there first. An average journey costs about BGN 12 (EUR 6).