Annual General Meeting

Association Computability in Europe
Annual General Meeting, 1 July 2011

The CiE AGM will give members of the Association Computability in Europe an opportunity to discuss the workings of the Association and its Conference Series. There will be short reports from the Association President and the Chairs of CiE Subcommittees.
Background be provided by a short discussion document provided by the CiE Board which points to particular issues. All CiEmembers are welcome to the AGM, and all registered CiE 2011 participants have the opportunity to become members.

Chair: Dag Normann

Outline Agenda:

  1. Minutes of 2010 AGM, and matters arising
  2. Association CiE 2010-2011 annual report, questions and discussion
  3. Special report from the Publications Subcommittee on the journal "Computability" and the book series "Theory and Applications of Computability"
  4. CiE Conference Series Report, including plans for future CiE conferences
  5. Motions received, discussion and voting
  6. Election report
  7. Other business

Election to the CiE Board:

The deadline for nominations to the Association CiE Board is Monday 6th June, 2011.

The President and one other CiE Board member will be elected at the time of the CiE AGM.

For current Board membership see:

Any member of CiE can be nominated for election to the Board. A valid nomination from the membership requires a nomination by 10 CiE members. Each nomination should state whether it is a nomination for President or a nomination to the Board, and should be sent to