CiE 2011 has successfully finished!

Computability in Europe 2011 "Models of Computation in Context"
Sofia, Bulgaria, 27 June - 2 July

CiE meetings uniquely combine the most Cartesian of computability theoretic research with the most Baconian and adventurous pursuit of new computational paradigms from Nature. Within CiE, direct contributions to computing practice are enriched by abstraction and interaction, while theory is grounded and informed by the surprises of real computational context.

CiE 2011 emphasises the connections and context, within the traditional CiE respect for researchers' autonomy and diversity of approach. CiE in Sofia will bring context, multidisciplinary perspective and computability-theoretic focus to a wide spectrum of disciplines - including computer science, mathematics and logic, physics and quantum theory, biology and informatics, linguistics and philosophy, neuroscience and learning theory, and much more.

CiE 2011 is organized by the research group in Mathematical Logic at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the Sofia University and will take place in the Rectorate—the central building of Sofia University.
Address: 15, Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd. Google map


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